The Christian Resistance

There are many ways of looking at God, the Church, the World and our place in the whole shebang. One of the most interesting is to examine things in military or warlike terms. Certainly it is entirely justified scripturally. You see there is a battle, a great cosmic war going on right now. The battle is not between nations on this earth, it is between God and Satan, between good and evil, and it is a total war in which no quarter is asked or given. It is a fight to the death. Paul alludes to it in Ephesians chapter 6, verses 10 to 17. It also helps us to understand the spiritual truths that lie behind much of the Old Testament – the invasion of Canaan, the battles with the Philistines and so on.

The Church of Christ is an army. We are in a fight against evil inside us and around us all the time. Our enemies are primarily spiritual enemies – the powers of darkness that serve Satan – though not exclusively so for Satan works through human agents too. Like all armies we fight on because we know our cause is just and our victory certain. But unlike all other armies, we have the testimony of God to back up our belief. Sometimes, in times like ours, when the world seems to be overrun with God’s enemies and the Church seems a small band, the church operates more like resistance movement than an army. Maybe the "church" - the gathered out ones - would be better called "the Jesus Resistance" or "the Christian Resistance".

In western society, we now must almost operate like an underground movement in territory occupied by the Enemy. But we can be effective nevertheless. Our weapons will work here just as well as anywhere else. Each kind deed we do is an act of sabotage undermining Satan’s power. Each time we witness of Christ, or hand out a tract, or preach a sermon, we are dealing in utterly subversive activity that can change this world around.

Our church meetings are where the Resistance Leader’s orders are given out to the army. Our Bible Study is where we break our leader’s codes to get the message straight. We resist the enemy until our Commander returns and then the War will end in Victory. The key battle was fought 2,000 years ago at Calvary and already won by our side.

Viewed in this way, the staid and boring image of the Church is turned around. Maybe if we took these kind of imaginative leaps, then God and the Church would be something young people might find attractive, exciting and relevant again. Because we need their energy and their idealism right now, so the fight can go on in the years ahead.

Resistance Aims and Objectives

If we were to compare the Christian church with a Resistance movement, we might identify the following as our key resistance aims and objectives.

1. To glorify and enjoy the one true God in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

2. To spread the truth that Jesus is the true King of the world and only Saviour of humankind.

3. To undermine the work of Satan and the Principalities and Powers currently usurping Jesus Christ's authority and rule in the world.

4. To work in love to increase justice, righteousness and peace in the world.

5. To rescue and recruit more members of this Resistance movement who will give allegiance to King Jesus and confess that he has been raised from the dead to rule heaven and earth forever.